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Andrew Gutauskas is a multifaceted musician, celebrated as an award-winning

saxophonist, accomplished film composer, versatile music director, skilled arranger,

and passionate educator. With an extensive portfolio spanning over 50 albums, 

boasting both Grammy winning and nominated works,  Andrew's musical

journey has seen him grace prestigious stages on Broadway, captivate audiences

through television and film, and enthrall crowds worldwide with an eclectic mix of

genres, from jazz and rock to hip-hop and Bollywood.

Notably, Andrew serves as the music director, arranger, and baritone saxophonist

for Brass Against, while also contributing his talents to renowned projects such as

Charlie Rosen’s 8-Bit Big Band, Miho Hazama's M_Unit, the Uptown Jazz Tentet,

the Terraza Big Band, and more. His collaborative spirit  extends across manifold

ensembles, including the Helen Sung Big Band, Founders, Kyle Saulnier’s Awakening

Orchestra, Lucas Pino’s No-Net Nonet, the Steven Feifke Big Band, the Danny Jonokuchi

Big Band, the Skivvies, Henry Cole & Villa Locura and Manuel Valera's New Cuban Express Big Band, among others.


Andrew's creative prowess extends beyond the stage, with his arrangements leaving an

indelible mark in notable productions such as his Brass Against rendition of Rage Against the Machine's

"Wake Up," featured in Matrix Resurrections. Additionally, his evocative scores have adorned

award-winning short films, including Christopher Piazza's acclaimed works, 'Baby Won't You Please

Come Home' (2018) and 'Still Together' (2021),as well as Aimiende Negbenebor Sela's 'Hermit' (2020).

An esteemed educator, Andrew imparts his musical wisdom as an adjunct faculty member at the New School since 2020. A graduate of The Juilliard School under the mentorship of the esteemed Joe Temperley, Andrew has forged a distinctive musical identity. His debut EP, 'Look Up!' (Outside in Music), released in 2017, was followed by his sophomore album, 'Look Out!' (Outside in Music), in 2020, showcasing his dynamic evolution as a visionary artist.


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